The main objective of Byoosi.com ERP implementations is to replace many old stand-alone legacy systems by one integrated system to provide updated and improved functionalities.
Some companies used to have many different systems for Finance, Purchasing, Inventory, warehouses, Human Resources, maintenance operations, production& manufacturing, sales & distribution, projects, etc.

The objective of the ERP Business Transformation Strategy is to modernize and integrate business processes and systems.   This “leapfrog” into the future will empower staff and students to access information and provide services through an i

Many companies have managed to replace all those old systems by one Integrated ERP that manages the functions of those old system in a much better way.
Just an example: in production, maintenance, or project, if purchase order is generated, it automatically reflected in the costing, the cost controller immediately knows the values of the new purchase orders, the stock and inventories are updated accordingly, accountants, maintenance and production planners can also monitor all the related details, the vendor contract details, invoices, payments, stock levels, etc

Successful Byoosi.com ERP implementation requires the following:
1- Professional consultants, skills and experience are the most critical factors for successful ERP implementation
2- Realistic Business Requirements based on best practices to minimize customization and developments, design errors, testing, training costs
3- Controlling the scope (prevent scope creep)
4- Choosing the best business users to work with consultants as one team
5- Credibility and honesty of the implementation partners
6- Professional project management

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