web hosting

Web hosting is the storage of your website, on a web server. Web servers are maintained by companies specialized in this work. they partner in highly secure, stable facilities to handle the work. They offer secure connections to the internet for the clients byoosi.com has web servers are working in a high speed well protected facility.

web security

byoosi .com Built security for the servers and keep clients websites safe.byoosi.com has assets to protect against potential disturbers/hackers.security at byoosi.com has been tested and found to be steady it is functional. the security is centralized to avoid any attackers. the interactions with clients are kept simple and to the point.only neccessary information is give, Generally for security and specifically for web security. content is checked, eavesdropping is prevented of information being transmitted, technical problems are minimised, Ensure that enough logging exists to be able to identify the source of attacks or any undesirable behaviour of the system.

web design and dev't

byoosi.com uses HTML and CSS to work together in developing more exciting and better looking web pages by using attributes, selectors, typography settings and other important tools used for designing websites. byoosi.com makes sure they work on time to deliver to clients.HTML is the backbone for creating websites. CSS has been the most frequently used styling language for the Web, and has become the standard. HTML and CSS is part of every professional web designer’s toolkit at byoosi.com.