• Manage sales and returns.
  • Manage Multiple price lists,
  • loyalty programs,
  • gift cards,
  • integrate email and SMS.
  • Processes sales in multiple currencies


  • Extensive inventory management with serial numbers,
  • Batch number,
  • Expiration dates,
  • BOM,
  • Stock transfers,
  • Stock in transit, 
  • Stock audits.


Analyse different reports to study the sales trend, best-performing item and simple yet accurate inventory reporting options.


  • Flexible tax definitions,
  • In-state and international taxes,
  • GST-reports compliance,
  • Daily collection,
  • Auto transactions.
  • Easy data entry corrections,
  • Customer aging,
  • Credit limits.


  • Purchase orders,
  • Supplier credit note,
  • Reorder indicators,
  • Check printing,
  • Payment dues,
  • Supplier payments,
  • Sales vs purchase analysis.
  • Manage your franchise business.


Accept payments from customers in:

  • cash,
  • card,
  • credit,
  • check,
  • gift cards,
  • bank transfers. 


Extensive access rights to control every granular functionality of the application based on login IDs. Customizable data edit audits.


  • Auto receive your daily collection reports at pre-defined times.
  • Get notified for certain data changes.
  • Be on top of your business at any time.