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Learning Institutions around the world in 2020 saw a catastrophic event due to Covid-19 which led them to a stand still, many tried to prepare online tools to help there students but it was already too late to build a new culture of learning for students and teachers who have never harnessed themselves to using online tools as a result many are bound to remain stuck in there homes for as long as the pandemic lasts. Governments are struggling to handle the situation but it is currently alarming and many students will now have simply sit home. is helping Institutions to prepare the teachers and students to get back to class online, with our 8 years experience of using modern tools we prepared Newstart Institute Canada which provides completely free online education, the institution has more 6000 students online and still counting.

Empower Your Learning Institution

It has never been easy getting started to use online tools, it requires building a culture among teachers and students so as they can completely adhere to a new environment.’s team will help you get started, highly qualified in implementing online learning systems like moodle which is the world’s most used online learning platform. We Organise your institution to suit the global standard.

Consulting is at the heart of what we do. Every client engagement is designed to meet our client where they are, whether they are new to online learning or seasoned educators. We offer both technical and learning design focused consulting services including program planning and implementation support, course design, gap analysis, server performance review and remediation, scaling support, change management, and general administrative and instructional design best practices.

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We hope that you will enjoy your studies at the institute and that you will acquire the education and skills needed to open many doors for you in the job market.

NewStart Institute is a charitable organization for the advancement of practical education. While comparable programs cost more than US$10,000 in North American Colleges, we offer them for free.

Many students ask if our courses are accredited.  These courses are not accredited, but they are practical courses and many people take similar courses in colleges.  They pay about $10,000.00 for them, and they get entry level jobs.

We greatly appreciate your input and we hope that you will have an enjoyable learning experience at NewStart Institute

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Building a Career in the 21st Century requires multiple skills and partners who can connect you well, it has never been easier to build a brand is world so connected and so multi-talent, with it’s many partners will help you get started to build a resourceful career that will impact you for generations.