Education Institutions

With recent government initiatives to provide education in every corner of there country, the future of education looks promising. Meanwhile, with growing competition between educational institutes and businesses, everyone is looking to next-gen enterprise technology solutions.Increase productivity, stand out from the pack, and focus on what matters — academics. Our solution for student information management, employee management and expenses that can help you keep all critical information in one integrated system.

Student management

  • Student
  • Guardian
  • Student Log
  • Student Group

Assessment Reports management

  • Course wise Assessment Report
  • Final Assessment Grades
  • Assessment Plan Status
  • Student Report Generation Tool

Admission management

  • Student Applicant
  • Student Admission
  • Program Enrolment

shool fees management

  • Fees
  • Fee Schedule
  • Fee Structure
  • Fee Category

Attendance management

  • Student Attendance
  • Student Leave Application
  • Absent Student Report
  • Student Batch-Wise Attendance

school Schedule management

  • Course Schedule
  • Course Scheduling Tool

School Tools management

  • Student Attendance Tool
  • Assessment Result Tool
  • Student Group Creation Tool
  • Program Enrolment Tool
  • Course Scheduling Tool

School Masters management

  • Course
  • Program
  • Instructor
  • Room

School assessment plan

  • Assessment Plan
  • Assessment Group
  • Assessment Result
  • Assessment Criteria

School Setup managment

  • Student Category
  • Student Batch Name
  • Grading Scale
  • Academic Term
  • Academic Year
  • Education Settings