We are all proud of our towns and the people who choose to live and work in them. We want to keep them safe and healthy, and we owe it to them to run the most efficient and responsible governments possible. Having to get the most out of limited resources and increasingly limited budgets is one struggle heads of municipalities of all sizes face.At the same time, we want to be able to support growth. How do we manage all this? The answer to all this is our system that will tackle and manage all day to day work that goes on in the municipality

Taxpayer Data mgt

  • Taxpayer data,
  • property tax information
  • citizen/municipal information

Treasury mgt

  • Billing and collection of property tax,
  • licensing,
  • water and garbage collection services.

Enforcement mgt

  • Management of parking
  • Management of local government enforcement services (billboards, waste disposal, etc.)

Other functions include

  • Financial statements
  • Water and sewer mgt
  • Reporting and analysis and many more other services