Healthcare management fully Digitized

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest industry globaly. Maintaining all the transactions at a large volume is being a daily challenge. There are many different business processes in the hospitality sector where the need of ERP system is essential.Our erp system will manage your day to day transactions fully integrated with our ERP core modules.

Patient Management System:

  • Register patients. 
  • View their reports and history.
  • Gets detailed information of patient’s health condition. etc

Medical Services System:

Allows adding a list of services that are provided by the hospital such as 

  • Dental treatment service, 
  • Cardiac services, 
  • Mental treatment services, 
  • Bones treatment services and much more.

Online Appointment Management System:

  • Allows getting online appointment instead of physical visit. 
  • Patient, staff and doctor can check the status of appointment easily.
  • Allows to get an appointment for registered patients and also send updates to the customer through SMS or email.

Doctor Services Report System:

Allows getting complete information and management about the services of doctor:

  • Details of doctors such as their specialisation field,
  • Their work efficiency,
  • Duty hours and many other details and information which could be managed by the management.

Doctor Management System:

  •  Registration of doctors,
  • Duty management of doctors 
  • Updates them with complete appointment details of the patients health history. etc

Lab Test System:

  •  X-rays
  • CBC tests
  • Blood test  
  • Manages the history of test details according to the registered patient name.

Drugs Management System:

  •  Adds the list of drugs mostly used for the purpose of treatment in that specific hospital. 
  • The drugs used in the treatment for some specific patient 
  • The list of available drugs in the stores.etc

Invoice System:

  • Generates an automatic invoice against that specific patient.

Administrative Rights Management System:

  • HR and administration mgt.
  • This payrolls and all records of payroll.