How Banking Mgt ERP helps

The two words that send shivers down a banking and financial industrialist’s spine probably are error and data breach. The major hurdles they work hard day in and day out to stay away from. Digitization has inarguably disrupted every industry as we know it for the better. The case is not different from the banking and financial industry either. But even after years of modernization, many banks and financial enterprises struggle to keep their act together.Our ERP system for the banking and financial industry leaves no room for errors and effectively addresses privacy concerns. The application collects, stores, and interprets data all the while keeping the client information intact.

Key Features of Our ERP System for the Banking & Financial Industry

  • Cloud Storage
  • Concurrent tracking
  • Analysis and Reports
  • Scalability
  • Close Monitoring at ATM Counters
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Data Privacy
  • 24*7 Operation
  • Logical Decision Making
  • Department Integration
  • Accurate Transactions

Analytical Accounting

  • This simplifies encoding.
  • accounts receivable,
  • accounts payable
  • general ledger functions
  • Payroll management
  • time tracking
  • tax reporting
  • errors
  • fraud and embezzlement. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Customer Relationship Management Module.
  • It addresses all concerns of existing clients
  • answers enquiries from leads and keeps track of marketing campaigns.
  • The CRM module provides complete customer data in a single platform for better operation.

Payment Management Module

  • manage a customer’s funds in all accounts.
  • It also oversees currency conversion when payments are received in a foreign currency.

asset management module

  • Chances of over payment in taxes due to non-compliance of statutory requirements and regulations are eliminated.
  • The module keeps mismanagement of assets under check
  • Any alterations made to the information regarding assets can be attended to on time. This prevents all losses which may have otherwise incurred to the bank.

Staff Operations Management

  • Staff Operations Module manages all aspects of human resources in the enterprise.