ERP Solutions for Accounting firms. Many companies using one ERP.


Accountants are the heartbeat of any economy, they determine and assess business direction and yet every day that passes, CPAs are faced with challenges to manage financial data of entities, often using a mix of standalone and off the shelf applications and tools such as spreadsheets, accounting only software like QuickBooks, Tally, web-based CRMs to manage their day to day record keeping. As a consequence, they have to access different systems to understand customers master data, sales, cash flows, Payroll, Bill of Materials, Inter-company data, Branched Business data or profitability. The information exists in silos, the data is hard to combine to get useful insights or alerts, as a result, businesses have become reactive instead of being proactive in their day to day operations. With such a constrained way of working, there is limited scope for growth. Industry Tailored ERP is that full featured business management solution that helps your Enterprise to manage all business transactions and processes in one system and use it to make informed, fact based, timely decisions & remain ahead of the competition. The ERP serves as the backbone of a business to add strength, transparency and control to your growing enterprise. The ERP integrates Accounts, HR, CRM, Fixed Asset Management, Procurements, Manufacturing, File manager, E-commerce, Inventory, Retail, project management, quality management and industry tailored solutions.
Preparing the journey of digital transformation of your business begins with choosing the right tools that are scalable, affordable, customizable, agile and resilient solutions. Choosing the right partner as that driver of your digital transformations needs flashes out any disappointments in the 21st Century business Technics in terms of cost and implementation.


Affordable: The ERP for Accounting firms is very affordable, and comes with industry tailored modules, the firm will require to pay a fee of sh.5,000,000 and a hosting of only shs. 100,000 for every 5 companies managed on the platform hence saying bye bye to Quick books and Tally.

Scalable: The ERP is highly scalable, one can accommodate up to 100 Companies in one, when the Accounting firm purchases one, then it becomes an asset to the firm.

Agile: The ERP will help accounting firms manage client data easily and quickly even without frequenting the client books, error alerts will always be sent by mail to the Audit team. Support: All the technical support, training, maintenance of system and managing disaster will be by this makes it easy to handle any errors that may arise in the future.

Payment Plan for Audit Firms: An easy payment plan will be given to the firm reducing on the burden of paying huge sums of money for ERPs.

Training: Advanced training in different areas will be provided by to the Audit Firms.

Data Migration: Migrating Data from previous systems and spreadsheets made easy by

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