ERP stands for (Enterprise Resource Planning). People generally say that it is a software,but it is a concept which is introduced to integrate all the business activities and departments together. And people develop their own Business application on this generalized concept.


Scalability: Our Software has got ability to grow with your company

Flexibility: has ability to meet your different requirements

Best Technology: Technology at is user-friendly as per the current trend

Cost: The total cost of ownership at is cost effective

Best Culture: Software and software vendor is culture friendly
Each industry is having their business activities which involves Man,material,money of that organization. An organization can be profit only if he is able to control,track and trace this activities and resources (Man,Manchine,money other).

In the area of digitalization, education landscape is facing constant change in both academic & non-academic education sector. To serve better, it has become mandatory for educational institutions to move towards new technologies and innovations. seeks immense pleasure in introducing ERP solution providers for educational institutions having more than 80 reputed institutes on board. Our flagship product ERP streamlines the process starting from pre admission of students to engaging them as an alumni. The solution is Web-based suite of applications and comprises of sub system like Pre admission, Student/Staff Information Management System,, Academic Management, Exam Management, Attendance Management, Library Management, HR Management, File Tracking,Inventory,Training and Placement, Alumni outreach & self service portal for all stakeholder.

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