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Business Process Re-Engineering

Reengineer your processes to improve customer service, increase revenue, cut operational costs and drive competitive advantage.

Business Process Management

To achieve operational efficiency and a high return on investment from new technology, private organizations rely on our team of experienced business process management practitioners

Digital Transformation

As you prepare the journey of digital transformation of your business, choosing as that driver of your digital transformations needs flashes out any disappointments in the 21st Century business technics.


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Growing Small Business

Friday 8th March, 2019 12:30pm-2pm

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Large businesses/organizations and SMEs require advanced data systems to manage their processes efficiently. Most of them, typically struggle to keep things organized. They often use a mix of applications like spreadsheets, QuickBooks and/or other accounting software. These organizations or companies sometimes have the challenge of ensuring that everyone is on the same page.’s ERP can meet the needs of both SMEs and large businesses/organizations.

Human Capital Management

Agri-Tech Consultancy

Financial Consultancy

Data Analysis

Our ERP human capital management consultants ensure you deliver exceptional customer value by helping employees embrace new and innovative ways of working. We also ensure the retention of the right employees and ensure the wrong employees are encouraged to move on.

HCM or Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) grew to include recruiting, benefit administration, performance management and compliance aspects. Ad hoc reporting, data analysis and control of the payroll function made stand-alone HCM/HRMS systems attractive to Human Resource departments, providing an increasingly complex ‘single -point-of-truth’ concerning all aspects of the employee life cycle from recruit to retire.

Farming nowadays is a complex managerial task that imposes stringent requirements on farm management information systems. In other sectors, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are widely implemented to meet such requirements.  

In developing countries agriculture is the backbone but with less or no organised data at all, our Agri-tech consultancy services employees Agri-ERP services to transform the sector and change how it operates to make key decisions.

Understanding how your finances work is a crucial part of your company, business owners depend on this to make informed decisions. brings better financial consultancy by first employing it’s agile solutions capped in the ERP system, helping them to bring all the required data in one silo which brings our consultancy services to bring your business to compete favorably. understands that hassle of financials to stake holders however with our highly experience auditors and accounts, count it done.

Businesses can enhance their ERP usage by hiring data scientists who understand how to make sense of the information from an ERP interface and use it to drive profitable actions.

Our data Analysts have a thorough understanding of how to identify patterns within historical data. Considering that ERP platforms typically contain information about sales fluctuations over time, the team digs deeper to find the trends that could help companies determine how soon to order more products and which items customers will want most.