Multi-Location Sales Management: It has never been easier to manage sales especially is different locations of your entity sometimes you require different solutions to handle this complex process, with our POS solution, your fully covered for either single sales point or multiple sales points, be it mobile or stationed your fully covered. Inventory: Inventory management with BOM (bill of materials), serial numbers, expiration dates, stock transfers, stock in transit, stock audits. Franchise management, currencies, and language support.
Accounts: Flexible tax definitions, daily collection, auto transactions. Easy data entry corrections, customer aging, credit limits.
Easy Billing: Fast accurate and smart billing, multiple price lists, offers, customer groups. Spot discounts, integrated email, and SMS. Customer loyalty, advanced offers, and promotions.
Purchase: Purchase orders, supplier credit note, reorder indicators, payment dues, supplier payments, check printing, Sales vs purchase.
Payments: Accept payments from customers in cash, card, credit, check, gift cards, bank transfers. Integrated with leading merchant accounts.
Intelligence: Get to know what you are selling, what are your fast-moving items. Know your sales trends. Graphs, charts, dashboard. Auto schedulers and event logs.
Admin: Auto receive your daily collection reports at pre-defined times. Get notified for certain data changes. Be on top of your business at any time.
Dedicated Support: We take the implementation of our products very seriously. Reach us via phone, email, SMS or chat. Extensive documentation about all our features.
Secure: Extensive access rights to control every granular functionality of the application based on login IDs. Customizable data edit audits.

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