All the schools run on the paperwork for any processes involved. Be it, fee posting to fee receipt generation, maintaining student progress records to conducting parent-teacher meetings. Isn’t it so? ERP software for schools can cut down all the paperwork and automate it. Yes, the automation process makes it much faster than the same old manual work processes. It’s time for the school management to inculcate the new strategy. How is it going to help the schools though? Well, to answer the question, in various ways! With the advancement in technology, we need to grow too and it has to start with the schools because that is the place where we learned to utilize applied science.

To begin with the ERP software’s efficacy, here they are:

1.**Hassle-free fee collection.

The school administrator need not have to worry about maintaining the records to collect the fee. This software sends fee information to all the concerned parents and also informs them about the dues.

2.**Online fee payment.**

Fee payment can be made online. This software ensures the transaction is made and also generates the fee receipt at the same instance of time…………cont….

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